Christmas Cards with Basic Invite

December 4, 2018

Thank you Basic Invite for sponsoring my post. All my options are my own.

I cannot believe it's almost Christmas time. This year has flown by! I absolutely love Christmas and traditions. One of our new traditions this year is to send out a Christmas Card to our family and friends. I love receiving them every year but the last time we sent one out was the first year of our marriage 7 years ago. Now our family has grown and we have two handsome boys.
Basic Invite was the perfect company and website to design my xmas cards

Reasons why Basic Invite is amazing:
  • Almost unlimited colors: Allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you chosen a design you can change the color elements to over 180 color options.
  • Over 40 different colors of envelopes: which makes your cards pop before they are even opened.
  • Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no cost on all Christmas card orders.
  • They have over 500 Christmas Cards and designs. Plus foil cards too!
Another bonus is they currently have a deal to save 30% off with the code: HOLI30
I love deals and saving money during the holidays!

Here is the Christmas Card I designed:

I love this design so much!


Basic Invite:

Happy Holidays,

Andrea Snow

Playtime with Wee Giggles Play Mat

September 11, 2018

Thank you Wee Giggles for sponsoring my post. All my opinions are my own.

We are currently renting a house with all hard wood floors which we thought were beautiful until we had another baby. There wasn't a safe place for him to play on the floor or do tummy time. The Wee Giggles play mat was delivered at the perfect time. Earlier that week our pediatrician asked me if I had started tummy time with Oliver and I said not yet. To be honest I had forgotten when to start. I haven't had a baby in three years.

Reasons we love our Wee Giggles Play Mat:
1) Safe & comfortable play area for our baby
2) Keeps our big chocolate lab mix dog away from the baby(she sheds a lot)
3) We love the gray and white colored foam tiles
4) Easy to clean
5) Non toxic play mat
6) Has foldable sides/fence to keep baby safe

Setting up our Wee Giggles mat was so much fun with my toddler Henry. He loved naming all the different animals on it and was so excited that it was a big puzzle. We mostly have my toddler's toys in there since my baby cannot play with toys yet. I love watching my boys lay down together on the play mat. Oliver, our baby, loves watching his older brother play and he gives him the biggest smiles.

This sweet photo was taken by my three year old toddler who wanted to take pictures just like Daddy. I love his little feet sticking out.

My littlest love taking a break to snuggle mama.

Tummy time with that amazing hair!

Learn more about the Wee Giggles play mat here:
You can purchase a play mat on Amazon & their website:


Our Favorite Sleep Essentials For Baby

August 21, 2018

I have received these items compliments of the brand for my honest review.

Hello friends,
It has been a few months since I last blogged. Our sweet Oliver joined us on July 2nd and we are so in love with him. Adjusting to two has been harder that I thought it would be. I forgot how hard it is to wake up every two to three hours with a newborn.Also having a newborn that doesn't like to be put down often. He loves to snuggle. We are getting into more of  a routine now which is helpful. Oliver has slept stretches of four and five hours the past few days. I will probably jinx myself by writing that haha.
Having two boys and sons has melted my heart. Our oldest Henry is the sweetest and best big brother. Oliver gets the biggest smile around him and stops crying when Henry lays by him and holds his hand. I can tell these two will be best friends.


Our bedtime routine consists of having a full tummy, playing Jammy Jams on Spotify, being swaddled using  The Ollie World swaddle, and put down in his DockATot. We have always loved velcro swaddles and The Ollie is made of an amazing material that doesn't get hot. It has been so helpful in this California heat. Our little guy doesn't sleep long stretches unless he is swaddled.


We are loving our DockATot deluxe! That size is for 0-8 months old. Oliver feels secure and comforted while sleeping in it. I sleep better knowing he is he right next to me too. Oliver loves lounging in it while I get ready and doing tummy time on it. It is so helpful since I only have hard wood floors in our house. You can save on yours by using my referral link: Save $10

Here is a throwback to Oliver at two weeks old. I cannot believe how quickly they grow.


The Humble Soles

June 20, 2018

Our Henry boy is almost three years old. His birthday is a month away. He loves his new handmade leather sandals that  The Humble Soles sent us. They are beautifully made and 10% of your purchase is donated to Nicaraguan children. You have the option to feed a child, fund's a child's education, or fix a child's home.  

These  Luna brown sandals are also super comfortable and soft on his feet. 

I cannot believe my little love is almost three years old. He brings so much joy to our family.

We have been wearing our The Humble Soles Luna sandals all over town. We took them to our local zoo last week. He loves animals and being sweet with them.

Little curious feet watching the Sea Lions at the Zoo.

He was so excited about out to dinner with mommy and daddy. He is currently obsessed with the Incredibles and super heroes! I love this stage he is currently in. He makes us laugh everyday, is so loving towards us, loves hugs, speaks more everyday, and his Spanish is amazing too. I love my bilingual toddler! 

Thank you The Humble Soles for sending us a pair of your sandals for our review. All opinions are my own.

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Baby essentials: Baby wearing with Ergo

Thank you Ergo for gifting me the 360 Mesh Baby Carrier for my review. All my opinions are my own.

I am so excited to tell you more about this amazing  Ergo Omni
We loved baby wearing with our first born but we didn't start until he was five or six months old. I tried a few times when he was a newborn, but it was 113 degrees here in Central California. We would both get super hot. We borrowed the original black Ergo 360 from my sister in law. It was so wonderful! Baby wearing was such a special connection. Every time he was sad, teething, sick or having a bad day, I would baby wear him and he would fall asleep. It was the sweetest. I am excited to be able to have my hands free and help with anything my toddler needs too.

The Omni 360 is perfect for warm climates and it has the ultimate ventilation to keep both baby and carrier cool. I love that I can start baby wearing my sweet boy from newborn until 48 pounds. You don't need an insert for the Omni 360! The Omini also has lumbar support, a baby privacy hood with UPF 50 and has been acknowledged as a healthy hip product from the International Hip Dyslplasia Institute. 
I will post a follow up on my Instagram to
let you know how much I love this new Ergo. Follow me on  Instagram to check back.

Newborn Freshly Picked baby moccasins, a MilkMaid beanie, an Ergo 360, and a white newborn Carters onesie are the cutest essentials.

Here is our coming home outfit! We got it at Babies R US and it's by Burt's Bee Organic.

Our baby boy is due July 3rd and a Fourth of July outfit was part of his essentials! I found the cutest outfit at Old Navy.

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Delta Children Nursery

June 14, 2018

Thank you to Delta Children for gifting me this crib, mattress, and canopy. All my opinions and reviews are mine.

Our second baby boy Snow is due in about two and half weeks. July 3rd can't come soon enough. Having a nursery, theme, and a big enough room for our boys to share has been so special. Since we only had a one bedroom apartment, our first son spent the first 18 months in our room which made for some interesting moments. My mother in law, Grammy, decorated their room for us. We decided on a sports theme for our sport loving boys in our family.
Delta Children has the most beautiful cribs! This is our first new crib we have owned. Our crib with our first born was previously owned by our in-laws and our niece and nephew used to sleep in it.
We chose the  Presley Convertible Crib N Changer in the Bianca white color. We love that it's a forever crib that converts your crib into a toddler/full size bed. It has a beautiful arched headboard for those transitions. At the end of the crib it has a changing table with two drawers plus storage space. We put all his newborn clothes, swaddles, and changing essentials in the drawers.


We were also sent this white tulle decorative canopy to add a lovely accent to any crib or toddler's bed.

For the Presley Crib we also received a  Sertapedic Petals Crib and Toddler Mattress which is a light design and comes with a waterproof vinyl cover for easy cleaning in case of any accidents. I love all the safety testing it has passed and how comfortable the mattress seems. Our baby will enjoy sleeping on it for years to come.


 I love all those adorable newborn clothes and swaddles. Some are hand me downs from our first son and some are new. It is fun being able to reuse all the cute clothes, but still have some new ones that will only be our worn by our second son.


Thank you for reading and seeing our nursery! Until next time!
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Baby Essentials: For Your Registry

June 6, 2018

I received these products compliments of DockATot, Lorena canal rugs, and The Ollie World. All my opinions are my own.
Lorena Canals Rugs
  • These beautiful handmade rugs are even softer in person. They add the perfect touch to any nursery, bedroom, or living space. I love that they are machine washable, you can tumble dry them at low temperature, and sweep/vacuum them regularly. Every Lorena Canal rugs are 100% cotton and are made in India.
  • We chose the Ombre Dark Grey washable rug and it matches the colors of our boy's room perfectly: Purchase here 

  • I am so excited for this amazing deluxe plus dock co-sleeper/baby lounger/playtime lounger! When we had our first baby my husband and I wished this was on the market. He loved to be cozy and to feel surrounded by comfort. The Deluxe Plus Dock is the stage 1 for ages 0-8 months. The DOCKATOT is made in Europe, machine washable,  non-heat harboring, lightweight, and portable. 
  • Get $10 off your DOCKATOT by using my referral code:
  • We love our DOCKATOT Deluxe- Block Party by Oh Joy. This collaboration and print is amazing! We also got the Love Links cover!


The Ollie World:
  • Velcro Swaddles are life changing! Our first child was an escape artist and would get out of every swaddle blanket we owned. He wouldn't sleep for long and being first time parents we were so exhausted. Velcro swaddle are our favorite and I can tell The Ollie World "The Smarter Swaddle" will our new favorites. They are made from patented moisture-wicking fabric to help reduce overheating. I love how soft the fabric is too and that you only need one size. They have a bottom opening for easy diaper changes too! I love all the reviews on the Ollie World swaddles and how happy parents are with their baby's sleeping.
  • Shop here: We have the Stone and Sky bundle


I will be following up a month after our sweet baby boy comes to let you know how we like the products and how they work with our family! We cannot wait to meet you baby boy Snow.


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Hospital Bag Essentials

June 1, 2018

Thank you Lily Jade for gifting me this beautiful diaper bag as part of a collaboration.

Hospital Bag Essentials:
I am only four weeks away from my due date and I am in full nesting mode. I am so excited to pack my hospital diaper bag in advance and now I have such a beautiful diaper bag to do it with. I have had my eye on Lily Jade's gorgeous leather diaper bags for quite awhile. I chose the Madeline Brady and Silver style. You can purchase yours here. The Madeline is perfect size to fit all my hospital bag essentials. I over packed last time and didn't use half of the items I took with me.

For Mom:

  • Lanolin Breastfeeding cream by Lansinoh
  • Lansinoh Ultrasoft Nursing Pads
  • Ultra Soft Nursing Bra
  • Nursing cami
  • Depends: This time I am bringing a few to the hospital when I have visitors to keep everything in place and to wear when going home. They are so much more comfortable than the mesh underwear they provide at the hospital.
  • A long dark robe: One you don't mind possibly getting stained. I will wear mine when visitors come into my room to meet baby boy. Mine is by Pact Organic.
  • A pretty robe for pictures: We are having a professional photograph do a Fresh 48 session of our family and newborn pictures at the hospital. I chose a lavender Pink Blush robe for these pictures.  
  • Cute pjs: These are for my Fresh 48 session at the hospital with our photographer. I got mine at Walmart they are black and the top has polka dots. I sized up and the top has buttons. I also size up on the comfy & super soft pajama pants. 
  • Going home outfit: I am bringing the same comfy sweat pant joggers I wore home with my first. They are big and comfortable. I pack a lose comfy t-shirt too. I am bringing my V-Neck shirt by Boody Wear. They are ultra soft and made with bamboo. 
  • Toiletries: Makeup remover wipes, chapstick (labor makes your lips dry), dry shampoo, makeup essentials, glasses/contacts & solution, deodorant, etc.
  • Camera: We are using our phones which have great cameras. Don't forget to pack your chargers
  • Snacks: I am packing my favorite Trader Joes snacks for late night hunger and for my husband too.  
For Dad:
  • A backpack: My husband brings his essentials in it.
  • Pajamas
  • Toiletries
  • Book
  • Phone and charger
  • A change of clothes

I Love how my  Lily Jade Madeline diaper bag can fit everything!

For Baby:

Velcro swaddle: We are so excited to try our new swaddle by Ollie World. In the middle of night we don't want to swaddle our baby in a hospital swaddle.
White onesie: They are for our Fresh 48 session with our photographer. She loves how classic they photograph
Matching beanie and swaddle set: We got the cutest one at Milkmaid Goods. He will look so adorable in the first pictures we take of him and for our session too.
Baby nail clippers: Our first born had the longest nails and it's so sad if they scratch themselves. I could also pack some mittens. 
Pacificers: I didn't bring any last time but we have a few different brands we loved with our first baby.  
Coming home outfit: I got the cutest pajama set with a matching beanie from Burt's Bees. It's 100 cotton and organic/soft. I am packing a newborn size because our first was tiny. I leave my baby's in the outfits the hospital provide. They are easy for them to open/check when they do all the newborn testing. 

What I love about my Lily Jade is how easy it is to carry all my essentials. Here is the diaper bag worn in the backpack carry.

Now I am all ready for our sweet baby boy coming in a month!


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