Favorite rides at LEGOLAND California with little ones

August 26, 2019

Thank you to Legoland for gifting us tickets to visit your park last May! I wrote this blog just for fun to help you plan your  Legoland trip.

We visited Legoland California for the first time for all of us in our family this past May. It is located in Carlsbad California which was only about an hour from Anaheim. We did Disneyland the day before. Our toddler was three and half years old at the time and 40 inches tall with his light up sneakers, he could ride a lot of fun rides.

Here are our favorite rides for toddlers who are 40 inches tall:
(some have shorter requirements/age requirements)

-Beetle Bounce
-Cargo Ace
-Coast Cruise: our nine month old baby rode this one
-Dune Raiders
-Duplo Playtown: our baby played here
-Junior Driving School
-Lego City Deep Sea Adventure: our baby rode it with us
-Lego Ninjago The Ride
-Legoland Express: our baby rode this train
-Lost Kingdom Adventure
-Mia's Riding Camp: our baby rode this one
-Royal Joust: Must be 4 years old to ride this one 
-Safari Trek
-Sky Patrol

Our family had such a great time visiting Legoland. Since we had just gone to Disneyland the day before we asked our son which park was his favorite. To our surprise, he said Legoland. I would have to agree that it was a wonderful day. We love Disney, but this was a very pleasant change to what we are used to expect from a trip to Disneyland. We never had to wait for more than 10 minutes to ride anything, the park wasn't overly crowded, and we have also grown to really enjoy all the different variations of Lego shows and toys. There are things to do for kids of all ages and even for the adults as well. My mother in law spent two hours in Miniland USA just looking at all the recreations of cities and famous landmarks. We are excited to go back next year when they open the new Lego Movie World section of the park. 

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