Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Baby Snow

Dear Blog,
I have not updated in a long time. Now it's the perfect time to start writing again. We found out we were expecting on Tuesday November 18th. I was already more than four weeks along and I didn't think I was pregnant. My only symptom was that my chest was hurting and felt sore a lot. I had a fake two day "period" so that's why I waited so long to take a test.   Jacob bought the clear blue tests. The first one I messed up by not laying it down flat right after I took it. So I
a question mark came up. The second one I was extra careful with it. I waited those three long minutes by myself in the bathroom. I even prayed for comfort. Then I looked at it...PREGNANT!!!! I cried so hard by myself. I couldn't believe there was a little miracle growing inside of me!
Then I had to stop crying and clean my face off. I went to our bedroom and told Jacob it was a negative. I had to make up a cute way to tell him. I could tell I was a bad lier and Jake didn't really believe me. So I ran to our attic and opened our baby box. I got the baby girl dress and sock shoes out and the boy mustache onesie out. I found a gift bag and a blank card & envelope. I wrote..."Daddy I can't wait to meet you and I will love you so much! I will give you lots of kisses in August 2015. Xoxo" Then I put the test on the bottom of the bag. Then I ran downstairs and I went to our bedroom. I told him I had a present for him. His eyes were all waterly. He knew it already. He read our card and got the presents out. Then he hugged mommy so much!
We are so blessed and excited for our little miracle. We have already seen our baby twice by ultrasound. Seeing the heartbeat for the first time at six weeks was amazing and a relief. It was so clear and strong. The tech said it was a very heathly heartbeat too. I did have to be on bed rest for two weeks and that's why ultrasounds are such a relief. Now I have to take it easy, not stand for too long, no exercise, and etc. It will be worth it in the end.
I also got "morning sickness" (it's an all day thing) at week 6. I lost four pounds last time I went to the doctor's and I now I am underweight. I have to now eat every two hours! I can do it!
Now I am officially 10 weeks and five days! It has been so fun announcing our pregnancy on Christmas eve to my parents and Christmas for the rest of the family and friends!
We love our little sweet pea so much!
PS: I think it's a girl.

10 week bump!

All I crave is citrus for example oranges, cuties, grapefruit, and lemon! 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Amber Irwin Photography/love note to my husband

Our friend Amber needed help with her photography portfolio and we volunteered to help. We had a blast working with her and her skills are amazing. By the way I wasn't wearing that lipstick or blush. She did it with her photo editing skills. Book her for your next pictures! For my memory we took these pictures February 16th.

She wanted a Snow White look and I loved it!

She wanted a vintage country look and she rocked it!

I will always cherish these photos. I love my husband with all my heart, and he is the best man I know. He treats me like a queen, and always speaks to me kindly. He is also very crafty, has a beautiful singing voice, plays the guitar, ukulele, piano, Bass, is very kind, humble, very spiritual, a gentleman, always opens my car door/any door for me, spoils me, is very smart especially with math, is always positive, loves sports, playing any sport, and talking about sports, he could watch ESPN for hours, he loves his best friends, he loves to make me smile, loves to cuddle, gives great hugs/kisses, smells great, loves Disney movies/Disneyland, loves playing video games, loves candy more than chocolate, loves children and babies, played Volleyball in High School, was voted "Most likely to be Famous" in his High School Year book, very outgoing, a wonderful teacher, loves helping others, and can speak French fluently like me. There are many more reasons why I love my husband but this list would go on forever. I can't believe it will be 3 years since we got married. I can't wait for June 11th.
Love you honey xoxo

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