Our Favorite Sleep Essentials For Baby

August 21, 2018

I have received these items compliments of the brand for my honest review.

Hello friends,
It has been a few months since I last blogged. Our sweet Oliver joined us on July 2nd and we are so in love with him. Adjusting to two has been harder that I thought it would be. I forgot how hard it is to wake up every two to three hours with a newborn.Also having a newborn that doesn't like to be put down often. He loves to snuggle. We are getting into more of  a routine now which is helpful. Oliver has slept stretches of four and five hours the past few days. I will probably jinx myself by writing that haha.
Having two boys and sons has melted my heart. Our oldest Henry is the sweetest and best big brother. Oliver gets the biggest smile around him and stops crying when Henry lays by him and holds his hand. I can tell these two will be best friends.


Our bedtime routine consists of having a full tummy, playing Jammy Jams on Spotify, being swaddled using  The Ollie World swaddle, and put down in his DockATot. We have always loved velcro swaddles and The Ollie is made of an amazing material that doesn't get hot. It has been so helpful in this California heat. Our little guy doesn't sleep long stretches unless he is swaddled.


We are loving our DockATot deluxe! That size is for 0-8 months old. Oliver feels secure and comforted while sleeping in it. I sleep better knowing he is he right next to me too. Oliver loves lounging in it while I get ready and doing tummy time on it. It is so helpful since I only have hard wood floors in our house. You can save on yours by using my referral link: Save $10

Here is a throwback to Oliver at two weeks old. I cannot believe how quickly they grow.