Playtime with Wee Giggles Play Mat

September 11, 2018

Thank you Wee Giggles for sponsoring my post. All my opinions are my own.

We are currently renting a house with all hard wood floors which we thought were beautiful until we had another baby. There wasn't a safe place for him to play on the floor or do tummy time. The Wee Giggles play mat was delivered at the perfect time. Earlier that week our pediatrician asked me if I had started tummy time with Oliver and I said not yet. To be honest I had forgotten when to start. I haven't had a baby in three years.

Reasons we love our Wee Giggles Play Mat:
1) Safe & comfortable play area for our baby
2) Keeps our big chocolate lab mix dog away from the baby(she sheds a lot)
3) We love the gray and white colored foam tiles
4) Easy to clean
5) Non toxic play mat
6) Has foldable sides/fence to keep baby safe

Setting up our Wee Giggles mat was so much fun with my toddler Henry. He loved naming all the different animals on it and was so excited that it was a big puzzle. We mostly have my toddler's toys in there since my baby cannot play with toys yet. I love watching my boys lay down together on the play mat. Oliver, our baby, loves watching his older brother play and he gives him the biggest smiles.

This sweet photo was taken by my three year old toddler who wanted to take pictures just like Daddy. I love his little feet sticking out.

My littlest love taking a break to snuggle mama.

Tummy time with that amazing hair!

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