Hospital Bag Essentials

June 1, 2018

Thank you Lily Jade for gifting me this beautiful diaper bag as part of a collaboration.

Hospital Bag Essentials:
I am only four weeks away from my due date and I am in full nesting mode. I am so excited to pack my hospital diaper bag in advance and now I have such a beautiful diaper bag to do it with. I have had my eye on Lily Jade's gorgeous leather diaper bags for quite awhile. I chose the Madeline Brady and Silver style. You can purchase yours here. The Madeline is perfect size to fit all my hospital bag essentials. I over packed last time and didn't use half of the items I took with me.

For Mom:

  • Lanolin Breastfeeding cream by Lansinoh
  • Lansinoh Ultrasoft Nursing Pads
  • Ultra Soft Nursing Bra
  • Nursing cami
  • Depends: This time I am bringing a few to the hospital when I have visitors to keep everything in place and to wear when going home. They are so much more comfortable than the mesh underwear they provide at the hospital.
  • A long dark robe: One you don't mind possibly getting stained. I will wear mine when visitors come into my room to meet baby boy. Mine is by Pact Organic.
  • A pretty robe for pictures: We are having a professional photograph do a Fresh 48 session of our family and newborn pictures at the hospital. I chose a lavender Pink Blush robe for these pictures.  
  • Cute pjs: These are for my Fresh 48 session at the hospital with our photographer. I got mine at Walmart they are black and the top has polka dots. I sized up and the top has buttons. I also size up on the comfy & super soft pajama pants. 
  • Going home outfit: I am bringing the same comfy sweat pant joggers I wore home with my first. They are big and comfortable. I pack a lose comfy t-shirt too. I am bringing my V-Neck shirt by Boody Wear. They are ultra soft and made with bamboo. 
  • Toiletries: Makeup remover wipes, chapstick (labor makes your lips dry), dry shampoo, makeup essentials, glasses/contacts & solution, deodorant, etc.
  • Camera: We are using our phones which have great cameras. Don't forget to pack your chargers
  • Snacks: I am packing my favorite Trader Joes snacks for late night hunger and for my husband too.  
For Dad:
  • A backpack: My husband brings his essentials in it.
  • Pajamas
  • Toiletries
  • Book
  • Phone and charger
  • A change of clothes

I Love how my  Lily Jade Madeline diaper bag can fit everything!

For Baby:

Velcro swaddle: We are so excited to try our new swaddle by Ollie World. In the middle of night we don't want to swaddle our baby in a hospital swaddle.
White onesie: They are for our Fresh 48 session with our photographer. She loves how classic they photograph
Matching beanie and swaddle set: We got the cutest one at Milkmaid Goods. He will look so adorable in the first pictures we take of him and for our session too.
Baby nail clippers: Our first born had the longest nails and it's so sad if they scratch themselves. I could also pack some mittens. 
Pacificers: I didn't bring any last time but we have a few different brands we loved with our first baby.  
Coming home outfit: I got the cutest pajama set with a matching beanie from Burt's Bees. It's 100 cotton and organic/soft. I am packing a newborn size because our first was tiny. I leave my baby's in the outfits the hospital provide. They are easy for them to open/check when they do all the newborn testing. 

What I love about my Lily Jade is how easy it is to carry all my essentials. Here is the diaper bag worn in the backpack carry.

Now I am all ready for our sweet baby boy coming in a month!


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