Thursday, July 13, 2017

Innovative toy that you'll want to buy next.

Hello Friends,
We love toys in this house and Henry can play with them for hours. Grapple was sweet to send us one of their red Grapples to review. Our boy adores apples and as soon as I opened it he was so happy! This toy is amazing! I tested it out on our high chair and I could barely get it off. I had to use all my muscles and finally got it off. I wish I had this toy when Henry was in his throwing phase. Henry is almost two and is getting his two year old molars and loves chewing. The Grapple is made with food grade silicone and is strong enough to withstand his teeth. This mama also loves that it's BPA free. You can attach your favorite baby toys to it! The Grapple is the perfect toy to take to your favorite restaurant, for your high chair and your stroller. It's under $20 and the cutest toy to buy for a baby shower!
Click here to buy


Thank you to Grapple TM for sending us this toy for our honest review.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Perfect dress for this summer! Featuring My Sister's Closet Boutique.

Happy almost Fourth of July! It is one of my favorite holidays! What a special day to remember everyone who served, and currently serves for our Country. I also love all the traditions we have with my family. We watch the fireworks at the beach, snuggle together under blankets ( it's cold in California beaches), and then we roast marshmallows and make s'mores. One of my favorite desserts!

Now let's talk about this dress I am wearing?! The Amelia Crochet dress is perfect to wear on the Fourth of July, on a date, to church, or even to change into for a getaway dress after your wedding. It is so beautiful and the details are amazing. The crochet is the perfect touch to the dress! I love the fit of the dress, and it is not see through. I am wearing a small/medium but if you want a looser fit the medium/large would also work! You need to add this staple in your closet! it's modest, classy and will never go out of style. I paired the Amelia Crochet dress with their tan platform sandal for a dressy look. Those sandals are so comfortable and give me an added boost. I am a petite mom at 5'3 and half and I love platforms! You also need to check out all the new arrivals at My Sister's Closet Boutique before they sell out!

Fun fact I have never taken blogging pictures with glasses on before! My eye doctor told me I am not allowed to wear contacts for a month. My eyes are too dry and I have bad allergies. Oh how I miss my contacts! This Central Valley air is not good for my eyes. 

What I am wearing: 

Happy Weekend everyone and have a safe Fourth of July with your family.
Andrea Snow

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Friday, June 16, 2017

My favorite looks styled by: Lularoe Andie Clark

Hello friends,
I cannot wait to share these looks with you! I love Lularoe, and collaborating with my favorite consultant Andie Clark was amazing! Lularoe has so many different patterns and materials. I adore how unique every piece of clothing can be. I love that they make woman feel confident too. Andie Clark contacted me about trying her " Style Me Box" and of course I couldn't refuse. You fill out a questionnaire, and she sends you some amazing pieces based on your style. Andie nailed my floral obsession with my Cassie skirt, chose the prettiest peach sleeved Randy Tee, and I love my colorful Amelia.
Andie Clark's inventory is amazing, and her personal touch is an added bonus. Make sure to follow her Facebook Group and shop her live sales. Click here to add Andie
Andie also has amazing sales and giveaways. You will love following her.

Wearing a Randy Tee and Cassie skirt

My favorite dress by Lularoe! The Amelia makes everyone look fantastic and those pockets are the best! 

The cutest family of Geese crashed my pictures. They were the sweetest ever! I hope you all have the best weekend.


Lularoe Andie Clark:
Facebook Group: Add her group
Instagram: Follow Andie

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Snow family pictures: featuring Pink Blush

Happy Tuesday! A few weeks ago we met a new photographer after winning his Instagram giveaway. His name is Shaun Tucker and he is a Central Valley photographer. He takes the most beautiful natural light photography. I will only preview a few pictures in this post and I will slowly post more on Instagram.
I am in love with these family pictures. There is so much happiness and memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. We always take pictures around this time every year. Our anniversary is June 11th and Henry's second birthday is in the end of July. There is so much to celebrate!

I love dressing up, and my favorite trendy online boutique for dresses is Pink Blush. I discovered them when I was pregnant with Henry. I haven't stopped shopping there since then. Everything they sell works for before, during, and after pregnancy. I am obsessed with floral dresses right now and this one is so comfortable. It's so flattering and I love the high low cut. They have it in three different colors too! Mine is the periwinkle one! They always have free shipping on all U.S. orders. Today you can save 15% off dresses with the code: DEALOFTHEDAY  
I love shopping and saving money!

Enjoy these amazing pictures...


H&M shirts

Thursday, May 25, 2017

My favorite swimwear for toddlers: featuring Rad Revolution Swim

Let's talk about little boy swim wear! Our favorite are these European swimmers by Rad Revolution Kids. These are actually on sale for $18. Run and go get some! I love all the amazing patterns they have and the fit is the cutest ever! It shows off Henry's little belly and his muscles. He is one strong toddler and I cannot believe he turns two in two months. Where did the time go?
Henry absolutely loves the beach, running away from us, playing with his sand toys, and destroying sand castles that daddy makes. Here are some pictures of Henry wearing the penguin swimmers.

This weekend we went over our family's house and Henry got to play in the water table for the first time! He had the best time and his baby curls were glowing in that sun light. I love this little boy will all my heart!

Shop: Rad Revolution Swim

Andrea Snow

Thank you to Rad Revolution Kids for sending us these swimmers for our review. All my opinions are mine.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The best Mother's Day gifts featuring Novae Clothing

Hello readers and family! I haven't blogged in such a long time. It feels so good to write something that isn't for my English class. I cannot believe Mother's Day is this weekend. If you are looking for some last minute gift ideas or if you want to treat yourself, I found one of my new favorite boutiques.
Novae Clothing was created by a stay at home mom of four kids who was craving currents fashions with modest style. Which is perfect for me! As a mother I want to be able to run after Henry and not have to worry about showing too much skin or my shirt riding up. I love all the different styles they carry, and following them on Instagram. (@novae_clothing) Also if you want a discount, sign up for their newsletter, and they will send you a discount code. Plus you can get first dibs on knowing when they have the best sales. They just had a "fill a bag" sale which were the best deals I have seen on an online shop! Who doesn't love a good sale?!

What I wore:
Periwinkle skirt is no longer available but this one is perfect for tucking in and to wear with the floral
Textured Pencil skirt on sale for $10.99 plus one size fits all!

Thank you for reading,

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: How to connect with your spouse.

Happy Valentine's Eve everyone! I am so excited to be part of Mommy Style Monday with such wonderful ladies. Head to Kiana at Glitter & Donuts or Madeline at CaseyLand to sign up to be a part of the next one! I love following all those mamas on Instagram and connecting with them. What a great community for mothers.

I love the topic of this Monday. How to connect with your spouse? Jacob and I were married for four years before we became parents. Ever since having Henry 18 months ago it has changed. Here are some fun ways we connect:

1) Date night in! Which means Netflix, Hulu, or Rebox movies. We snuggle on the couch once or twice a week and catch up on our shows. If it's on the weekend we may buy a dessert/snack to eat while we watch.
2) Target runs without kids. My mom watches Henry while he sleeps and we head to Target alone. We love walking every isle while holding hands. Simple and cute.
3) Coldstone. We love ice cream and sometimes we sneak away for a short date night. We eat ice cream and walk around the outside mall.
4) Anniversary Trip. Every year we go out of town on our anniversary June 11th and stay alone over night.
5) Notice Each Other. Sometimes the best way to connect with your spouse is just to notice the things they do that you appreciate. It can be something small like a back scratch while brushing your teeth, or something big like a cheesy smile she gets when she is being extra goofy. Realizing that there are a lot of those things that make your spouse special and wonderful are key to being able to connect and love one another. This last one was written by Andrea's husband.

My husband is seriously such an amazing guy. He always opens every door for me (including my car door), makes me laugh/smile everyday, is the kindest guy I know, always tells me he loves me, and is the best father to our son! Happy early birthday tomorrow!

Pictures by: Simply You Photography

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Bath time essentials

Happy weekend friends,

Henry is now 18 months old and bath time is still his favorite time. We give him a bath every other night because his skin is so sensitive. He can get dry spots in his skin and little bumps. I always use all natural body washes and lotions. We have heard of Tubby Todd for years but haven't had the chance to try it. I first pinned this Everyday Lotion on Pinterest a few years ago. We love lavender in this house and this 100% natural lotion DOES not disappoint. You just need a tiny squeeze and it goes a long way. I love that Tubby Todd is toxin, paraben, sulfate, artificial fragrance/color, BPA and animal cruelty free!! We are in love and his skin is so smooth now. They also sent me a sample of their Hair and Body wash. That was amazing and Henry loved all the bubbles it made on his body. I love watching him play with his bath toys and making bubbles in the water with his mouth. I never want to forget these moments.

Thank you to Tubby Todd Bath Co for sending us these products! We are loving Henry's soft skin.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Favorite Skinny Ties

Today is February 1st which means Valentine's Day is only 14 days away! In the Snow home this holiday is a special one. It's my husband Jacob's birthday, and my mother's birthday too. I was meant to marry a sweetheart. If you are out of ideas on what to buy your husband or special guy for Valentine's Day then look no further. Get him some Dazi Ties. They are our favorite skinny ties, and the quality is amazing. My husband's favorite ties were the floral ones. They are so unique and they make my guy look even more handsome. I loved having my husband as my model. He will always be my number one in my heart. I cannot wait to celebrate his special day.

Check out their shop and the rest of their inventory. You will love all the patterns, designs, tie clips, and they even have bow ties

Save money: Dazi currently have a deal where you can buy 3 ties and get 1 free! Just add 4 ties to your cart and enter SAVE25 at checkout

What he wore: 
Mr. Romantic (that is the light cream tie)
Navy Blue Floral (sold out currently) similar ones here:

Thank you to  Dazi for sponsoring this post.

Love, Andrea

Monday, January 23, 2017

Best at home teeth whitener.

Hello Friends,
I am so excited about this product. I have been wanting to whiten my teeth for a long time now. Unfortunately I was either pregnant and couldn't, or too busy. I am embarrassed to admit that I haven't whiten my teeth in over three years. I have really sensitive teeth and I always have to be careful with what products I use on my teeth. That's what I love about Smile Brilliant.

There is a three step process in order to whiten your teeth.
1. Order the system, and once it arrives you make your own dental impressions in less than 15 minutes. You send them back your impressions in a prepaid envelope.
2. Their lab creates your trays with the exact mold of your teeth. It takes 3-5 work days for the lab to create your own custom-fitted tray.
3. Simply add professional teeth whitening gel to your tray for 45 minutes-3 hours. I can only take 30 minutes.
*Last step is for sensitive teeth users
4. Use desensitizing gel in your trays for 20 minutes after whitening. Do not brush off your teeth afterwards. It will help you with the sensitivity. I have also been using the desensitizing gel on the days I don't whiten my teeth but feel sensitivity.
Here are some more tips for sensitive teeth users:

I started to see results after the fifth treatment, but some don't see them until their seventh treatment. I love my results!
If you are a visual learner like me. Go watch: Danielle Mansutti's You Tube video
She has step by step instructions and an amazing review!

I have loved working with this company! They are so caring and generous. We are collaborating to give one of you a $139 gift card towards your own whitening kit!

Giveaway enter here:

If you want to purchase use the 5% coupon code: snowbyheart5

I want to thank Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post. All my opinions and review are my own.    

Andrea Snow
Whitening Teeth At Home

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