Thursday, January 29, 2015

LDS Temple, Photography, and Living on One Dollar Giveaway Coming Soon!

We are working on our family's Temple work and we all love it! We are doing it as a family together! We love all the Temples in California!

14 week baby bump! Now I am 15 weeks!

The Snows
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Visit the official website for this wonderful film and project!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Simply You Photography by Nicole Madsen... through out the years

Nicole Madsen has taken a lot of pictures for us for the past four years!
Here is her website Simply You Photography
Book her!
The first pictures were take March 2011! The Wedding pictures were taken June 2011.

Engagement Shoes, mine:
Carlos Santana Shoes...similar ones here

Jacob's engagement shoes:
Kenneth Cole... Similar ones here

 Nina Wedding Shoes created by husband and I!
Design your own shoes here!

Husband's wedding shoes:
Rented at Men's Warehouse

My Wedding rings by Vanna K Designer Vintage Collection:
He bought my ring during their annual Designer show...

Airbrush makeup by:
Best airbrush makeup!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

13 Weeks

The Ana Dress by LulaRoe
or call her to order at 559-433-5609
Tell her you hear it from me!!
Jewerly by Forever 21(old)
Lipstick by Covergirl
I combined two shade colors
How far along? 13 weeks & six days
Total weight gain/loss: I lost two pounds from throwing up all day Saturday. Hopefully no one could tell at my LulaRoe party!
Maternity clothes? I will post a blog post about it soon! I got a new shirt from Baby Chic. It's in French and I love it!! Yes two pairs of H&M Mama skinny jeans! I love them! I got the dark blue and gray ones. Some maternity shirts I bought for Christmas. One from Target and the other one from Pum Bum Boutique in Fresno. All my other maternity shirts and dresses were given to me by the lovely Jessica Phillips.
Stretch Marks? No
Sleep: Great at night but I wake up around 1 am to use the bathroom now! I also take 3 naps per day now! I think going to College at night is making me sleepy!
Best moment this week: Not spotting all week and feeling the baby move everyday!!
Have you told family and friends: Yes for Christmas Eve for my family and Christmas for the rest of the family and world.
Miss Anything? Being able to go for long walks, working out, and the sunshine. I am on full bed rest and only allowed to use the bathroom, get snacks, shower, and that's it! I am allowed to sit up on my bed now.
Movement: Yes!! It moved so much during my Teaching Infants and Young Children lecture last Monday!!
Food cravings: I am always hungry. It's feels good to eat. Cravings are fresh fruits like green grapes, mangoes, tart fruits, orange juice with ice, citrus, lime, green apples, lemons, cucumber, tomatoes, pasta, and carbs!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Steak!! I always throw up when I eat it! So gross! Now Pork makes me throw up too!!! Very greasy foods too! I didn't eat fast food for three months. Now I can only do Chick Fil A and In and Out.
Have you started to show yet? Yes when you have a small torso and long legs it pops! I am petite.
Gender prediction: Girl
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time?  Super happy!!!!
Weekly Wisdom: Do not brush my tongue while brushing my teeth. Throwing up is not fun!
Looking forward to: My next ultrasound on Friday the 23rd!!!
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I learned my lesson to lay on a cuter blanket!! The other side is a Burberry pattern which didn't go with my dress haha
Shoes by Guess (old)

I love The Ana Dress by LulaRoe!! Plus it's my sisters name too!
Here are some pictures of LulaRoe party at my house... Call Jennifer H to learn about this month and next month's double incentives! You will receive two free items by hosting her party!!

Call Jennifer to host your party!! She is so beautiful!

  Ana being our modest model to see if they are long enough for church. Yes they are long enough! Loved hosting the party with her!

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