Healthy Halloween spiders with Mini Babybel

October 18, 2017

One of my favorite cheeses to snack on growing up were the Mini Babybel's. I love sharing this tradition with my toddler. We headed to our local Target and purchased them in the cheese aisle. Target is our favorite store and we love buying our snacks there.

Other reasons to love Mini Babybel's cheeses is they are made with 100% real cheese, great source of calcium, and protein. 

How adorable is this Halloween packaging? 

Isn't it so cute how he lined the Mini Babybel's?

Halloween spiders:
-Chocolate chips
-Mini Babybel cheese (We love the original & light ones)

Next time you head to Target make sure to check out the deals that Mini Babybel has all month long! I got my cheese's at an amazing price!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Andrea Snow