Family Themed Halloween Costumes

October 1, 2019

Thank you  Party City for collaborating with us for our Halloween costumes this year!

We love doing family themed costumes every year and this year we are...



Our four year old toddler Henry came up with our theme this year. He first said he wanted to be Spider Man but once it came time to order our Halloween costumes he said" No mama I just want to be Superman" He never even saw the costume online but he knew he was super strong like him. Every time he wears it he says "look at my muscles" haha too cute! Henry then mentioned how we could all be Superheros!
Party City  has the best Halloween costumes every year. The previous years we always went and looked at all the costumes for fun at Party City. We have purchased so many classic Halloween costumes there. This year we browsed their website by themes. I love how everything is organized. Make sure to sign up for their text message reminders for coupons! Text FUN to 94467

Meet our Superman & Baby Robin!

Dressing up as  Wonder Woman makes me feel like a super mama! I love being surrounded by my little super heroes everyday! My costume is the only available online and I am wearing a size medium for reference. Order it in advance to be ready for your parties this year. 

I spy with my little eye Superman flying! Dressing up as a family is one of my favorite traditions.

Here are the links to our costumes:
Wonder Woman

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