Maternity Leggings must haves!

February 7, 2018

Hello friends,
I am officially 19 weeks along and slowly feeling this baby boy move more and more. I love him so much already and get so excited thinking about meeting him for the first time.
Let's talk about maternity style and staying true to your it. Last pregnancy I wore a lot of hand me downs donated by friends. I also gained a lot of weight being on bed rest. I didn't feel cute or confident most of the time. I discovered Preggo Leggings last pregnancy with Henry but I ended up getting a sweat shirt and nursing shirt. I never tried their leggings until now. I love the Black Out Moto leggings style and fit. They have an adjustable waist and soft belly panel if needed. You need to get a pair and they currently have a 30% off discount code for Valentine's day. Use Code: LOVEYOU   Expires Feb 12th.

Here is a Valentine's Day look with my Preggo Leggings.

I wasn't planning on taking pictures with my little guy but he ran up to me and said mommy pictures?!!! I couldn't say no and I love these. He is wearing his play clothes and favorite rain boots.

My little buddy wants to pose with his leg up just like mommy! Love my sweetie so much!


Thank you to Preggo Leggings for sending me a pair for my honest review.