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September 6, 2017

Suave products have always been my favorites. I hadn't tried their body washes until recently. I purchased my Suave Body washes at one of my favorite places to shop at; Target. I absolutely love every scent and I currently smell like Ocean Breeze. That scent takes me back to all my beach trips to Florida growing up. The California beaches are too cold for me to swim in, I got spoiled living by Florida.
My second favorite scent is Cocoa Butter and Shea creamy body wash. I love how it feels on my skin and it reminds me of a pampering day at the spa. I found my favorite Suave body washes by taking this quiz on their website: Suave Body Wash Quiz
After taking the quiz you will receive a 75 cent rebate with Ibotta to save even more money! If you know me personally you know how much I love to save money and love a good bargain! Plus Suave has the best quality for the price.
Lastly my third favorite scent is the Almond Verbena creamy wash. It feels rejuvenating on my dry summer skin. My legs and whole body feel so soft. For this stay at home mom Suave body washes make me feel pampered and refreshed. I feel more energy and motivation for my busy day with my toddler after taking a shower. There is definitely a scent for every occasion. For date night I would recommend Cocoa Butter and Shea. I also smell amazing all day which my husband loves. Happy wife equals a happy life. I would love to know which scent the quiz chose for you! Let me know in the comments. I cannot wait to try the rest of the scents.

Until next time,
Andrea Snow

AnnMarie John said...

Ocean Breeze is also one of my favorite. I grew up in the Caribbean where the beaches are warm too so I totally get it. Anyway, I love how affordable Suave is and they're amazing!