Utah Trip

September 3, 2013

We left Wednesday August 21st early in the morning, and drove all the way through to Orem Utah.


We had to stop in St. George to check out Swig. We both got "dirty" Dr. Pepper's and two sugar cookies! By "dirty" they mean coconut flavoring haha only in Utah. It was delicious and very sugary.

After a 12 hour drive with some scary rain we made it to Orem. We stayed the first two nights with Jacob's uncle Keith.
The next morning we went to help Cade & Ana move their TV, a couple of boxes and clothes upstairs to the third floor. We didn't tell Ana I was coming to Utah, and it was fun to see her reaction. When she saw me hiding on the second floor she said "I knew it" haha

We of course had to go eat lunch at Café Rio after carrying those items up the stairs ;)
Then after a shopping trip to Target we walked to the BYU Creamy.

Ana and I got the mint BYU brownie ice cream! So yummy!
We even had time to have a double date with Jake Julian. It was fun catching up and getting to know his date Kirsten! He served with Jacob in West Indies mission.
Friday morning we drove an hour & a half to Manti Utah. Clayton & Jenna got sealed there. It was beautiful and I love the spirit we all felt inside. We also got to take a tour of the spiral stair cases. I can't believe it's the second oldest temple.

Clayton's lovely sisters!

We had lunch at The Manti House Inn. We loved hearing all the great speeches including one from Jacob his best man.

Then we headed over to The Sleepy Ridge Golf Course for a beautiful reception.

The beautiful couple!

The wedding party.

Jacob making faces and being silly :)
I took a picture of a slide show picture ;)

The food was delicious and prepared by an individual chef and cooked the way you wanted it.

That night we headed to Lehi Utah and stayed with The Padilla's ( Jacob's aunt)
They invited us to Saturday morning to watch Tyson's football game. It was a lot of fun!

Seed spitting competition ;)

We love the Padilla's! They are a great family!

Then we headed to Roseville CA. Jacob and his brother Jeremy went to a 49ers game in San Francisco.

They are goof balls but I love how they are best friends!
It was a great and long trip!