Coco is looking for a home

August 11, 2013

Please read and share on Facebook if you can. Meet Coco our lab mix dog. She is five and a half years old and we love her very much. My sister and her husband, and also my parents are moving from Fresno. With our budgets we cannot keep her anymore. We are looking for a loving new family for her. We have had Coco since she was 11 weeks old. Coco is an inside dog, but she loves to go outside. She is potty trained, she is so sweet, loves to cuddle, loves her food, loves walks, loves car rides, loves new toys but she needs tough/durable toys, loves taking naps, she is a hunting dog and she will kill your house flies, she always gets really happy when you come home, she sits & stays on command, she is spayed, and she is my baby. Writing this is really hard for me but I want her to be happy. We do not want her to go to an animal shelter.