San Francisco

July 12, 2013

Our family from Guatemala came to visit for my sister's wedding, and they invited us (also my parents came) for a day trip to San Francisco. Who can say no to that? We hadn't seen each other since two years ago for our wedding, and it was a lot of fun catching up. I didn't take any pictures together with my camera but our uncle did so I will have those pictures later.

My first time at The Golden Gate Bridge but my third time in San Francisco.

It was so windy there!

Then the wind would stop but it would pick up again.

Beautiful bridge.

Jacob and I went to China Town for the first time. My family from Guatemala love it there. The only problem was finding a restaurant to eat. A lot of them looked so scary! Yuet Lee Seafood was actually delicious! We loved their fried shrimp rice!

We also went to Pier 39 which we love going to. Gotta love those mini donuts but our favorite ones are at the Universal Studios Board Walk.

Love the piano stair case by the Mangoes restaurant. It plays the notes every time you walk.

Thank you for inviting us! We love you Tia Ivette, Tio Carlos, and Chiquis.